Delete clone block? (feature request. Approved by community)



Can we have a delete clone block so we can delete clones to reduce lag?


First reply!
Also good idea


Ooooo, cool idea!! :DDD


That would be really helpful!

Awesome idea :D


@Periwinkle_Dolphin you should email this idea to the Hopscotch team! :D


That is a really good idea and it will probably avoid lots slow projects and maybe the file size bug too. Awesome idea!


How many times do I have to say this. They are not called “Clones” they are “Stormtroopers”


This is a super amazing idea! @Liza check this out!


This would be awesome. It would be really helpful for a lot of cases, although sometimes it’s cool to make do with just a few basic blocks. For example, now you can try recycling clones to keep the clone count low. Still would love to see this implemented eventually.

The file size bug has been fixed in an update a while ago.


Ikr XD


I totally forgot that. Thank you for telling me.


Early stormtroopers were clones.


My question, wouldn’t this be hard to make because:
1.Wouldn’t you have to direct it to a certain clone?
2.Wouldnt you need a make a clone ID for the object



What makes you think that?


Hopscotch could build those functions in, so we could have different “Delete a Clone” blocks, like Delete last Clone and Delete Clone ID (number), and maybe Hopscotch automatically could count the Clone IDs somehow?


Explain please.


Yeah it would make it easier so we don’t have to create them ourselves.


Oh, I get it now. If you had 10 clones, and you deleted Clone #8, now you have a missing clone. Does the old Clone #9 now become the new #8? Or will there just be a gap? What if you created a new clone? Does that one become #8, or #11?


Yeah that does bring up an interesting point…another new block idea:
Create A Clone With ID of X


Well, I don’t really know, but maybe THT could make an automatic Clone count and have it as a Variable so you could use that in your projects like the “Last Touch Y” variable. However, I am not sure if this will work.