Delay built up due to lots of code


Im the sort of person who does very few projects and spends a lot of time on each one. A recent one, a Hopscotch Phone, has a lot of code, as there is a lot of repetition, values, etc. I was trying to add another "app" to the project when I found it quite difficult to type or plant code without a good 6 second delay. When I start fresh projects, this doesn't occur whatsoever.

So I'm asking, wether this is a problem with the app, or my device (2 year old iPad Air 2) or the software. Or if this is unavoidable. Thanks. :slight_smile:

P.S I am not happy with the new emoji updates :cry:


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I think the delay is due to the large amount of code in one project. There's nothing wrong with your iPad and there's nothing wrong with the app. Maybe email THT and ask them to fix the bug or just try to make something super awesome with less code! This should be something to add in the new update. I'm not sure :slight_smile:

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I thought the same. It just really bugs me that this is happening. I really hope THT can fix this, as it kinda stops me from progressing on certain projects. I might email them about this. Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:


Hi @Vincent_Nigro :smiley:

I have seen that others have experienced a lot of lag too, and for these, it has been related to an app update:

And aw I see that you don't like the new iOS emoji update :cry:


It's a file size bug with the app. @ThinBuffalo did a program to temporarily fix it.


This delay problem happens for me too if I have too many repeat forever blocks, check once if blocks or too big objects. However, this is in an old HS version too, but your code should be okay. It is probably just much code in your project!