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How do I do that? Idk, I've only been here twice before


Click the speech bubble after clicking Reply on the post

And cancel it if you don't want to post it


Yeah I am a random person!


Awesome!! I wanna read!


Look at the above posts for the story


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I am aware nobody asked me this but irl I am very satirical.


I am starting a series of projects which are kinda like mechanics. They will be extended and combined to become official projects.

The first one is a relative position system (the world moves around you, not the other way around).


Hi guys! :wave:🏼 I'm just going around topics–does anyone want to super-last-minute-lay join my contest?

I'm sorry if this is spamming, I don't mean for it to seem like that!


Look for a project by @ThinBuffalo
He placed the link below


I believe @Stradyvarious is referring to this one:

The world will move around the character, although as created for the example, "the world" only has one red dot in it.

The math is explained in Stradyvarious' general topic. Here's a link:



Lol I literally just saw @Bananadog's project on perspective loll


Well well well, i don't want you to tag me because...
it fills my notifications XD


Really? Cool!

Isn't minecraft using those types of things? I mean, the sun and moon stay in one position as they cross the sky, :D


First of all, hi XD
Second of all, I don't think that's quite what I'm doing.


@crazygoat if you're from Australia you should be into Melbourne Bounce lol
(Will Sparks and Joel Fletcher are from there)

And I should be a hip-hop enthusiast lol


lol i kinda like Melbourne Bounce :P

Is Melbourne bounce from Melbourne? (as in the city)


I dunno but Will Sparks and Joel Fletcher are from there so maybe there's a connection?...


(insert shrug face here)