Default sized objects are blurry

I’ve noticed the last few days that objects that don’t change their size by using set size seem sort of blurry, so I made a project to test and I’ve discovered that objects that aren’t changed in size are significantly more blurry, even more noticeable at smaller sizes.

Resizing them manually in the editor keeps them blurry unless you use a Set Size block or Grow block. Shrinking them has no effect, and they stay blurry.


Steps to reproduce:

  • Create two objects, or a clone of one and size one up a tiny amount.
  • play the project, the default one should be more blurry.

First post.

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Eh, I knew this, another thing is that the object looks clearer in the editor than in the player

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Interesting for sure. I hope THT can fix the blurriness!


As do I!


I agree with you a lot!That has happened to me that an object gets blurry every single time i make it big!its so annoying

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Glad this was found.

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This is a very interesting topic. I didn’t notice that bug. :slightly_smiling_face:

Omg your right. Never noticed this before…

But it’s certainly a bug. It was proven multiple times.

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Huh, strange
And that project is tricking my brain into thinking my right eye doesn’t see properly

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Bump. This didn’t happen to me before,

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