DeepSea (CYOA Collab) [3-4 people needed]


Hi everyone!

I'm going to make a DeapSea Choose your own adventure game and I need 4 or more people for this collab.

Designer (1-2):
(Makes the cool designs and objects)

Writer (1): @GracefulIcing1
(Writes nearly all of the story)

Composer (1):
(Makes all of the music)



I'll be the writer! I love writing!


@GracefulIcing1 beat me. I love writing too! ;-;


You're probably way better at writing than me, though. :)


1'll be designer!

I'm the one who half, taught you CYOA machanics anyway!


Is that a one??? It looks weird...


yes, i like to use ones


To: @crazygoat, @Dude73, and @GracefulIcing1

Give me an example of your best work at your skill that you are applying for!




So you mean like a story or something?




so... a design? whaaa...?


I can also be a designer.


If you could show me an example of your best work that would be awesome!



still confused




Have you designed things on hopscotch before?


ok i know what u mean, but what do you want me to design????????


Does it have to be about a certain thing? A certain length? Made on the forum?


@Curved_Guitar, here is a snippet of my hopscotch book I am writing as My skill test thingy.

The Coder Kingdoms!
Written by: Dude73

Chapter one
I woke up with my dog licking my face. He was a yellow lab, and his name was Clyde. “Clyde, really?” I said, laughing. I got out of bed and went to my closet to get dressed. Now, what should I wear? I thought, but then I noticed something. Peeking out from under my shoe rack was my old journal!

Why do I still have this? I thought I threw it out. I thought. I started writing in it when I was about 10, and I stopped after I got used to the new changes. I wonder what I was like back then! I thought, so I decided to read a few entries. I exited the closet, still in pajamas, and sat I my big green bean bag.

March 20, 2012
Today was the strangest day ever. I woke up normally, then suddenly my mom said she was getting married to the king of The Coder's kingdoms! I was taken to this castle and now I am sitting around bored. I never wanted to be a princess. The castle is pretty cool though. You walk into a ginormous throne room, and there are at least 5 doors going off to other places in the castle. The walls are Quartz with some blue stripes, and there is a stone brick floor. Going up to the second floor, there is a big hall with a massive window to the outside at the end. My room is on this floor. The other room on this floor is the movie room, which has a massive TV, big couches, and a popcorn machine! My room is super boring. Stone walls, stone ceiling, stone floor. I have not adventured anywhere else yet, so I guess I will leave it at that.
-Evangeline (Evie)

March 21, 2012
I just realized that someone in the future might be reading this! I should probably explain stuff. I live in a secret hidden country called the Coder Kingdoms. There are 5 different kingdoms inside of the country which are: Featured, Trending, Rising, Following, and Newest. Our job as a country is, we actually code the whole world! We code buildings, sports events, everything! The only thing we did not do is the terrain. The land and waters are already there. We coded the first houses, the trees and plants, and even the animals! The fun thing is, the outsiders don't have a clue their whole world is coded. The problem is, everyone here is too afraid to go outside of the country! No one has ever seen the outside from their own eyes. I live in Featured, the most famous kingdom. I used to live in Newest, the kingdom for the poor. But then my mom married the king of Coder's Kingdoms, and now I am a princess in featured.

I set the journal down on the end table by the bean bag. I smiled, remembering how confused and emotional I was back then. I got up, actually got dressed, and went to the movie room to watch the news.

Chapter 2

Right before I turned the TV on, I heard the doorbell ring. I walked downstairs, opened the big metal door, and saw one of my best friends Wren! She is very shy, very quirky, and nerdy. She is one of those girls who always doubts herself. “Wren! It is so good to see you!” I said as I smiled.

“It's great to see you too! Sorry I came so early in the morning, my parents left again and I needed somewhere safe.” She said.

“No worries! You can stay here as long as you like.” I replied. Then I realized how quiet the castle was. “Wren, what time is it?” I asked,

She looked at her watch. “About 5:30 in the morning” she replied.

Wow! The sun was up when I woke though, strange. I thought.