DEEPSEA (choose your own adventure) VOTES NEEDED


Both excellent stories!
I will have to implement only one in the game!
Thank you @OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza


Which Story is the best!

  1. Orangescents story
  2. Lotsapizzas story



I'll give you the basic plot if you want one.
Mermaids are swimming in the ocean and so is cosmic Cody because he's tired of space. They find treasure and you. A open it up or B. Leave it alone. A- find deadly sea urchins and B- survive for now


@LotsaPizza, @OrangeScent1 or/and @Curved_Guitar.... Um....were are the stories....


Click the drop down arrow on me and @LotsaPizza's story


Do you see me and LotsaPizza's post titled my story?
Click the arrow that's in our posts


@OrangeScent1, sorry to be a bother, but where's the drop arrow....


Ok thx @OrangeScent1


No problem! But I think we've stopped voting because CurvedGuitar stopped the votes on the official voting post


Oh...oh well, it's ok


:+1: go people you rule ⛱