Deep Space - A new adventure game!



Hello! I am in the process of making a new adventure game called "Deep Space". I've just out out a teaser trailer on hopscotch and I wanted to know your feedback on the teaser, ideas for the game, etc. Here's my outline of the game so far:

"You are Cody, an astronaut with a secret that almost lost you your job. You are sent into space to work on a satellite, but things do not go as planned. Embark on a thrilling out-of this world adventure and try to survive deep space."

I will be putting out betas and things like that for this game. This thread is for the game and I will post different news about it on here.

Teaser Trailer

So, any ideas for the game?


The teaser is AWESOME!!! :smiley:



I agree with @Rawrbear! This is going to be




Great job! This will be soooo cool!


@rawrbear @Dude73 @Huggingfluffybear thank you to all of you! I will try to make this game really cool! :grinning:






Try to? It will be awesome!!!


That is so cool @lhosse :D