Dedicating all who left Hopscotch


One of the worst days on Hopscotch. FoodDelivery and DA-BEAST is gone.
I can't stand it. Why do people quit Hopscotch? Maybe they quit and then come back to get more likes? Cause trust me, that works.


No, not because likes. It's probably because they're too old for it or they get tired of it.


MagmaPOP's left before.
YummyMuffin's left before.
Tons of amazing coders have left before.

Don't remember them because of their leaving, or what led to their leaving, or the things they did before leaving.

Leaving is not in the picture.
Remember them for the amazing impact they had on our community and the feats that they accomplished.


So true. I least they made special and amazing projects that made me happy.


Not just for enjoyment.

Think about all the breakthroughs they had, all the moments that made us gape, the projects that will never be forgotten because they're just so cool.
Revolutionary ways of putting blocks together.

That's why we remember them.


People are coming and going on hopscotch. Everyone will leave hopscotch enventually, all for their own personal reasons


Also quote:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"


:slight_smile: yep like how magmaPOP made the music go faster when we got closer to a creeper in one of his games. That is amazing. How Valgo learned how to make costumized colors. Also amazing.


Some quote:

"You can't blame someone for leaving if you never gave them a reason to stay."


You word things really well.:slight_smile:


Thank you.

Let's dedicate this topic to the people that've left.

Does anyone have links to projects from people that left that they'd like to share? I'll look for a few.


@Valgo's not gone, but yes, those are a few big feats.


All of us will leave someday! Even me!:open_mouth: I can't even imagine me leaving!


It's a bad day for me as well


I'll change the title then.


it's been like 2 weeks

it's fine


Shiv left before..but returned!:smiley:


yes, evidently
and so she spent the rest of her days wasting her life away on forums and tumblrs and blogs and hetalia—


let's focus on the people who actually did something


Ok going to code something for Foody.