Decryption Puzzle Compet.ition!



Hello, I am the Universal Drift. I have noticed a disturbance in the Dark Energy that envelopes the universe. Evil is drawing closer, and will do anything it can to end the universe. You are the only ones who can stop the evil from spreading and destroying existence. I have special secret messages I have obtained, perhaps it can help you, however, the are heavily encrypted. Are you smart enough to crack them, solve the puzzle, and save the universe?

What's this all about?

So basically, this is just for fun decryption and stuff. You will need to go to a lot of places (maybe even the app itself!) to find clues. Can you be the first to save the universe?

If you notice me saying I am "the Universal Drift", that's not me. That is the Universal Drift (It's not meant to be me is what I mean :sweat_smile: I wanted to make a new forum account, but I wouldn't be able to access certain things)

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Are you up to the challenge? Compete!


  • Having fun learning decryption tools :smile:
  • A follow from JonnyGamer
  • A collab with JonnyGamer (escape room would be cool!)
  • Anyone want to add more prizes??

Competition Date and Time:

Saturday, June 24

9:00 AM Pacific Time





I'll add a prize I'll follow you and subliminally hide your username in one of my best games


:sweat_smile: Sounds good! That's pretty funny
99% invisibility, size 1%, down in the bottom corner


:sweat_smile::wink: you know it how else would I put it


I will do it.

Edit: Never mind, I won't be able to do it. I've got stuff going on that day. And time.


Oh no! I might have it be a week event or something. That'd be better, although you might be on a handicap. However, I'll leave it up so anyone can play it later on! :smile:


Okay I'll compete
Not for the prizes, I'm not really sure about the collab
But I like ciphers


Yeah, the puzzle are what make it fun :smile:


Oh. I'm glad you (maybe) got inspiration from my forum game thing.


I can join. I am good at decryption...


I put it on mass edit, so please edit yourself in if you want to join :smile:


I got spam liked! It means war!


I'll do this. I might eventually join the scotch hop team if I get good enough.

EDIT: didn't I do that already actually? Let me check. I need a link to scotch hop topic.

EDIT: I don't think I did.

EDIT #4204: Could I? @UnderagedCoder1 @JonnyGamer anyone else in the team?


NO I lost all my likes :sob:


Haha :joy: Same
Except for that one there. I have like 10 left


Woo, I'm in! This sounds awesome :smiley:


Great! This is going to be really cool, and very difficult. It's like a search and find as well so sometimes you might need to find a clue in someone's Hopscotch account sometimes! (Or one I just created for the game)


Yeah i will do it. I got a cool thing going here


When will it starp?