Decreasing lives and being able to see it


How do I visibly see lives increase or decrease when a character hits an object or bumps into another character?

A screenshot would be very helpful



I think this might help, tell me if no


You use a text character, and you use this rule:

When the play button is tapped:
Repeat forever
Set text to (value)


My monkey bumps cosmic cody and I have a countdown. However I want lives to start at 0 and increase by 1 for monkey when he bumps cosmic cody. I can't figure out how to see 0 on the screen and make it increase by 1


Ok, take a text and call it whatever, then make a rule like this

When the play button is tapped

Repeat forever
Set text to (a value that you make)

Go make another rule like this
When monkey bumps cosmic cody

Increase (same value that you made) by 1

Make one more rule like this
When the play button is tapped

Set (same value you made) to 0

Try it all on the same text block, it should work, I think


I'll give you a link to a tutorial. It's actually a go-into-the-code-tutorial, but it'll work.


Project link:
It's a basic thing, but there was a glitch where Robo dissapeared, so I did bring to front a ton of times and set invisibility to fix the glitch.