Decline in Music



I'm so sorry to say this, but...

Im going to post less music.

I realized that I can make text art stuff, and maybe could try some games to make.
Music is...


but... Not the best in Hopscotch, that I can make.
So... :grimacing:
(fades away)



But on the bright side, that means theres a better chance of me doing a music request...


I love that you are starting to try new things! You are still doing some music, right? :smile:


1st like! Try @BuildASnowman's MIDI hack!


It takes too much time... and I didn't watch it yet


Okay! :D

It's awesome that you're trying new things. :D


Okay! I would really love to see some games from you! Although your channel is already amazing, it will be cool to see some other types of projects!! :smiley:



I'm proud to here this @Anonymous! :joy:

But please continue your music career! It's my motivational tool! :sweat_smile:

Side note: And keep improving yo' music! Learning never stops


Good thing! You can work your talents on other stuff to become a better coder!


Cool! Try new things! :D

I do love your music, though!

I think I should do a music competition thing. :D

By the way guys, he's already good at other things, he just hasn't done a whole lot of them on this account. :D


Now you can make games!

Have you started one yet?


No lol




Great job I love music


How was it a fail?


You said no when Kiwicute asked if you started making any games yet


You made this whole topic saying you are going to make games and 2 days after the topic was created you have not even started a game. :joy:


Oh.... Ok, then!
I appreciate your choice in trying something new, and I'm very excited to see how your first game will turn out to look like!



Do you know how to use values?


Anonymous hasn't been that active he's just been liking radpndom things