Hey, forum community!

I recently logged out of my LavenderStar :purple_heart: :dizzy: account and made a new account named GrooveitPurple :purple_heart:. I'm still not certain I should keep GrooveitPurple :purple_heart: or go back to LavenderStar :purple_heart: :dizzy: by logging out of GrooveitPurple :purple_heart: and typing in my password for LavenderStar :purple_heart: :dizzy: . To help me decide the right choice, you can post below what I should do:
Post LavenderILoved if I should go back to LavenderStar :purple_heart: :dizzy:
Post GrooveitPurpleisFreshlyGood if I should stay on GrooveitPurple :purple_heart: .

Thank you so much!


Keep Lavender!


Everybody loves it!


I don't have a reason to care, as long as you keep that lovely heart. :slightly_smiling:


Keep calm and keep it lavender


According to all this support, I will be switching back to LavenderStar :purple_heart: :dizzy: .