Decimals in HSB colors may no longer work


This explanation might be longer than intended, but i'll still say this.

First, you'll have to look at MagmaPOP's "Colors of Cupcake" project:

Nearly every HSB code in this project has decimals points, the creator of the project did this so he could have the colors be exactly the same to cupcake's.

I used 2 of these HSBs for a project, and they both have decimals. This is my project:

If you look closely at Cupcake's bow and the bow I coded, they aren't the exactly the same anymore even though I put in the HSBs correctly with the decimal points. This could be because the numbers after the decimal point won't count anymore, making the actual color more simple.

I honestly want decimals to work again, so we could get more unique colors with more possibilities. What do you think?


Darn, I got the wrong link for the second link. This is my project:


Perhaps it's because of the different servers? I'm not sure. I've used HSB colors, and they looked a little different than what I see online, despite using the same numbers and/or decimals. So yeah,
I think that it is because of the different servers.


What do you mean by different servers? Are you saying that after Hopscotch's layout completely changed to the iPhone layout, that's when decimals stopped working?


Not completely changed, but yes.


@Rodrigo @Liza

I'm very sorry if I am taking up time, but was removing the function of decimals in HSBs intended?


Just do the RGB version


Does RGB work with decimals? If so, I wonder why HSB doesn't anymore then.


RGB doesn't use decimals as far as I know.


I use the old editor when you need to copy-paste the HSB color value, and it works fine with decimals. I have no idea about the newer update though :slight_smile:


Wow. That is old. Why do you do that? The new editor is more efficient and has better features.


Tbh I prefer the old editor better because I find it more simple and it's easier to drag stuff, that may be the reason why some people do that, but I respect your choice


I don't know, it is a family iPad and my brother can't play his favorite game if we upgrade it to iOS 10 (it is on iOS 7), and the new editor is on iOS 7+. I have an iPad with iOS 10 (the one that I am writing this post with), it has the newer editor and I use that sometimes, but I mostly use the old version.
I don't know how I got here, but sorry for the late reply.


You're lucky. I wish I had Th old editor just so I could remember it. Hehe.

By the way, I hated the new one before it was cool to hate it.