Debate time! HOPSCOTCH PRIZES, So no flagging



It's......... Debate time!, pick a leader (polls), then ready to debate the first topic is....... How strict should we be on THF (the hopscotch forum), here are the rules:
Have fun
(10 contestants, 2 team leaders, 2 teams, 1 orgonizer (me!), 1 big and 1 little hopscotch
Prize, 1 team, as a winner)
Remember, hopscotch prizes.........
May the debate commence!
Team fierce fighters! (leader can edit name
- @orangescent1 SnowPandaLeopards (is the leader!!!!!!!!!)
- @Ihasfluffycupcakes Watermelon4ever (may be leader)
- @dancinglollipop
- @friendship2468
- @Giraffedolphin26
Team rebellious coders (leader can edit name)
- @poptart0219 (Is the leader!!!!!!!!)
- @robotpro Everything fox
- @RubyWolf1
- @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf (may be leader)
- @CreativeCoder
Team 1, name?

Rebellious Coders Hopscotch forum Debate Topic

Yes count me in! I'd like to be leader!


Sounds awesome!


OKAY, which team?


can i be second leader??
name: PinkFluffyMarshmallows



Which team?
Doesn't really matter


Team 1 pls.
Name: SnowPandaLeopards
Cuz yes


Can I join (I have no school tomorrow I think YAYAYAY)


-whispers- I'm on the debate team at my school, join Mai team : d




What are you debating on?


everyone, say what team your one in your comment

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Name: Watermelon4Ever
Team 1??? plz?


No I'm team 1 leader :stuck_out_tongue: I think...


@OrangeScent1 I may be on your team woohoo :smiley:


Could I be a leader? I don't want this to get too heated, so I'll make sure it says friendly :slightly_smiling:

Team 2 leader please, if it's not already taken


(so many comments!)
Look @post, the top one)


Can I be a team leader please? I'm really good at debates @Stampys_fans


Can I join?
Please (insert puppy dog eyes here)


I want to join and I want to be on team 1!!