Debate Team vs Debate Team


@Anonymous, we need to have a debate between our teams :D


Hasn't Anon's got two teams already?


I mean the whole group vs our whole group


Shouldn't the groups have their own debates first? Idk lol I'm no leader


I mean yeah we need to exercise our debate skills but eventually we should


QUOTE THIS: I will watch this,


Fun fact!

That's a cool idea yet but it seems soon lol


Yeah, high five!


I know, right?


Exposed :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah!


I'm in both lol
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Lol @OnceUponATime Vs @OnceUponATime


Umm.... :raised_hand:? high five that is


Do you want to join my team or @Anonymous's team for the debate?

You're allowed to be in both though unless you want to join @Anonymous's team/mine's.


Is this going to start some kind of debate loophole?
Each team is going to debate whether or not to debate? XD


I haven't been chosen by anyboday on @Anonymous's team yet, so I'll go with your tema.
I'm veree soree @Maltese


Yay :smiley: