Dear, Smiling Snowflakes


Dear, Smiling Snowflakes
Can I use your model templates to make what I think you look like? ~ Cinderleaf studios


Oh cool @Cinderleaf I bet you can I mean I have used some of her models to do other people's requests
I helped her out a bit
-Kayro {shadow}


She made a make-your- own-model template.


True but not everything is on it @tankt2016


Yeah, correct, and it is kind of hard to use, even though there are instructions.


I've used it before plus if you want I can give a special FOX


FOX? What is that?


Ok you really need to look at my description I make foxes I can give you a photo her



@SmilingSnowflakes can you make a minion, front and back , one eye for me , PotterStudios's minion rush ?


┈▏ ┈┈┈╰┈┈┈┈╯┈┈┈▕▕


She stopped taking requests a long time ago