Dear Smiley Alyssa can we collab soon?



I really wanna clollab!! When do you want to do it? Please select a day and time. (I am open 2:45-3:45 or four on Monday- Thursday. On Friday... 3:15-4:00. I could collab today until four maybe!


I don't know if she can, but to get her attention, @ her! Like this: @SmileyAlyssa! :smile:


OMG YOU ARE "THE" GILBERT189!!!!!!!!!!!! I am one of your many fans! Can you collab too?


Aww, glad you're a fan! You can talk to tons of people here! Hmm... I might be able to collab! When, and what would we make? :smile:


Umm I don't know... You can decide! I don't care honestly I am not as creative....


Hmm.. What's your Hopscotch username? I want to see what you're good at! :smile:


Well my username is Love Dance:dancer:🏼


It is the salsa dancer emoji


I will follow you Gilbert189 even though I think I all ready do


Hmmm... Maybe, instead of being in a collab with you, I would help you code better! I've seen that you feel like you need help, and I can! :wink:


Ok I guess that could work


Gilbert189??? Are you there?


Hi! I would love to collab! I can't do it today, maybe this weekend?


I can do it Monday maybe at 2:45ish or 3:15


@SmileyAlyssa when can we do a collab? We're cps and you haven't really done anything.
@Anna10 who are you on hopscotch? I might follow you


I am Love Dance (salsa dancer emoji)