Dear S.O.S Art, Please Read


Hi @S.O.S_Art,
I've been scrolling though your profile lately, and what I've been seeing isn't what I'd like to see.
1. Sorry for your loss. Super super sorry. ;-;
2. I hope you feel better. :D
3. None of this should be on hopscotch. Sorry. ;-;

I'm really sorry. I don't understand how you feel, as I've never gone through something like that, but I know you feel sad. I don't want this message to make you feel more bad.

I saw Funky 63 send you a message that what you've been posting isn't exactly appropriate. As we all feel sorry for you, some kids won't understand what you're talking about.

If you do need support, we're all here for you.
But if you do need real support, like you probably do need, (losing a friend is probably very hard), you should get help from adults, not from kids on hopscotch who are complete strangers.
With this hacker stuff, just email the hopscotch team. It's not good to react to this hacker, and you'll just make this hacker want to do more to stir more stuff out of you. Which shouldn't happen.

Ethan also has privacy. It's not good to share what happened to him with all the people on hopscotch. It's his health details, and it needs to be private.

If you don't agree with these statements, it's okay. I'm just trying to remind you that you should be extra careful with what you post with the audience on hopscotch.

Just make happier projects!
Thank you!
- Snoopy (:art:)


Honestly, I have been thinking the exact same way.


Yeah, I agree in that too much information is unnecessary. It would be better to simplify it to something like "My friend has gone to a better place now..."


I agree.


That is true I'm happy that @Snoopy stepped up to clarify this. Thank you

@S.O.S_Art I agree with Snoopy I think that you should maybe keep this to yourself a little I do not understand how it feels to lose a best friend or family member.


I completely agree! I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want it to be rude, but you phrased it in a great way and it doesn't sound rude at all!



Agreed. This is a coding community and people should keep this stuff themselves. It does bother me when people don't want to reveal what happened to them and other users are pressuring them into telling them what happened.

Thanks for speaking out about this stuff @Snoopy!:grinning: You worded it so it doesn't sound rude. This is a good topic.