Dear leaders.Dont mind category


Dear leaders plz may u suspended me till Friday . I have been on the forum way to much and if you guys could help me to the end of this week that would be really thank ful .If I just leave I will keep coming bk .So plz just suspended me till Friday at 4:51 in English time .I don't mind if it's ur time zone tho


Just a warning, if you get suspended I think you will lose reg. :0


Um maybe I could ask for it back?

@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @Alltheotherpeoplethatcansuspandmetotheendoffriday


@PopTart0219 I thought I forgot someone


@admins @ anonymous@PopTart0219 @Intellection74


I'm a chakin I found out how u use this


@mathgirl @SmilingSnowflakes @Gilbert189 @gilberto :3

I believe that's everyone excluding THT, but they have jobs so lol

honestly thought disky was one too, he deserves it :wink:


I can't suspend him. XD :0


glances at leader badge

You got the shiney better-than-justanerd badge XD


Should be @Gilburrito :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think only mods can .Right?




Your just not the person to suspend someone for doing nothing wrong ;)


She also doesn't even have the power to suspend people :D
She's a leader, you can suspend if your a mod or above only :D :wink:


I know but if she can, she wouldn't suspend for no reason :D


The mods I think make desicions together befor suspending people, I dunno tho :)
But none of the mods or admins would suspend people for no reason :D


What about anon? :000000


Anon requested poptart to suspend him I believe :D


Oh, yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh. facepalms through face. :0


U mean this