Dear anyone want to collab


@Phase_Studios you wanna make a game please could you reply


I would love to, but no, sorry, I have lots of things going on right now.


That's ok anyone else want to make a project with me:question::question:


When @Stradyvarious I would never plz forgive me I don't remember


And when I did I was having a hard time at home


Never mind. I wish you all the best @Wow_woman


Can i join you for the collab?


Yes, if you would like to.


Hello I'm joewheels2 I'm best known for my five nights at smileys games. I'm also the owner of the Joe Atari Games. I would LOVE to collide. Just reply to this and I'll awnser back.


Hello, I'm TobyFan502:fire:. I would like to collab with you. I am very skilled. Hope I can be good @Wow_woman!


You both can if you want


@Wow_woman, I can help at the moment! XD


Can I do a project with you? On hopscotch my username is still JaszyKake. Or we can create anotheraccount for collabs.


Yes! Of course @JaszyKake!


@Phase_Studios what do you want to make?


I do not know?dwewewe


A TV series maybe? We could take turns to make each episode and at the end, put credits.


Guys this is my topic not tourd and yes please phase studios and jaszykake


I'd like to help out as well @Wow_woman. if you'll let me please place a link to your project with @Stradyvarious added so I'll get the message. @Hoppertoscotch just had some projects deleted as someone used the username password to their collab account and deleted the work they did. It might be better to publish projects and have other members add to the game by remixing so the project won't be deleted.


Ok that sounds good, @Stradyvarious
Are your hopscotch names the same as this forum one? And if we make a movie should it be adventure, detective, school or other?