Dealing with (cyber) bullyin-g


You probably encountered or seen some form of cyber "bully-ing", name calling, lies, and threatening. There is one thing you need to know, how to respond.


Not trying to brag though I think I can do that (even though I have nobody bullying me :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


I know, it's just I've seen so many people who respond in the wrong way. They said things just as bad as the bully themselves. Sometimes threatening to do physical abuse and sometimes writing mean inappropriate things as well as making rude gestures.


Here's one tip: yelling doesn't help. There's no point, and it just makes the bully feel happier. :wink:


The new ran out of likes meme :smiley:


It's "cheer", not "chear"! :wink:


Out ov likes 2.0 :wink:


Cool! But I ran out of likes...



Ok, I'm stopping! :wink:



I think I left for too long that it got out of hand and off topic. (Future note: always check your posts.)


Best meme (thanks stampys_fams for pointing this out) comp ever! I just realised if this got to out of hand I'd be blamed, not a bad thing just stay calm...


They are memes, gif are short animations (and the person who did one post woukd get blamed or the off-topic people would get blamed , not yout
R fault the topic they went off-topic in was yours...)


I just am wondering wha you would do.
You creaed an art pad which took you a while and somebody remixed it saying : you need to get a life, no piont being an idiot lots of love, your mum
- tiger10101010:
Would you

  • telling them to get a life
  • ignore it
  • report and email the hopscotch team (if have email address)
  • politely remind them to be nicer, and report
  • politely remind them to be nicer and if they do it again report
  • quit


(PS: just an example)


That's a great way to show people, you can also see what others think!


Thanks, it means a lot @TappymLP