Day Of Silence (DOS)



Hey everyone. So, if you haven't already heard, the Day Of Silence is coming up. The DOS is a day where you're supposed to be silent all day to show respect for the LGBTQ+ people who are bullie.d, forced to stay in the closet, etc. It's a cause that really resonates with me, so I would appreciate it if we could do a DOS on Hopscotch.

How It Would Work

It'd be simple really. All you have to do is leave Hopscotch for a day. The DOS is on Friday, April 15, so that's when we'd do it. No forums. No Hopscotch. Just silence. If you want to participate in the DOS in real life, you can a) Stay silent all day. See if your school has a system for the DOS. Or, b) If you know you can't stay silent all day, wear purple.

I hope we can do this. I'm making a flyer related to it now.

Everything's so... purple
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Purple Avatars?!?!
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This is a great idea!


I love this idea, I will try my best to do it, or change my background to purple but still not be on that much that day,idk. I have heard about this before, you are one of my role models @LGBT.Coder


AWESOME DATE I can totally do that Going to something super long then!


We can definitely do this, but how about for an hour or two?

It's just impossible for me to stay off!


Thinking about maybe not I might have to show people coding apps cause of technology


I'll take a day off!


Cool idea! I'll try to stay silent, and I'll wear purple! :smile: I'll go off Hopscotch for you... But I'm staying on the forums, sorry. :grimacing: I just can't leave the forum, I literally have nothing else to do.


all right, I'll start. SHHHHHH!


It's not until the 15th lol


yeah but I want to do it now because I ca just annoy everyone around me by shushing them.


Okay lol




Amazing idea! I will wear purple, (try to) stay off hopscotch, and probably talk with my principal about it if I can. :smile:


Great idea! :smiley:
I'll try to do this for at least an hour on Hopscotch, and will definetly wear purple!


Thai is a great idea! I will definitely do this!


Okie! I literally just play Minecraft excessively so it won't be a problem!

  • Great idea!
  • Stay off hopscotch? Impossible!
  • TROLL!!!



Did I say any false information?


Great idea! :D

I'm going to stay silent and wear purple on this day. I'll make sure to stay off HS and the forums too.