Dawscraft’s project- stuff…

Hello! Dawscraft here. This topic was made to address you guys about my coming projects, and project updates.

  • Tag me for all updates!
  • Tag me for half updates!
  • Tag me for few updates!
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Hey that’s really cool!!
But to save you the trouble, I realized you requested a tag list, so once that’s created, you won’t have to tag us all individually!
Just go to your post in the Request a Tag List topic, and tell the leaders what you want your tag to be.
For example, mine is @/StarBebes, but my group name is Rykas Star Babies
So your group name could be The Potats, but your tag could be something like @/Potats /lh
I hope I’m not super vague with this lol
Have a great day!! :blush:


I’m actually going to tag individually, since maybe some of the members of my tag group don’t want to be involved in updates, but thanks!


Oh alright!
That’s very nice of you! :blush: