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@Razor isn't doing the best today at life and told me to continue his book series long ago. So I'm just gonna put the original topic here



So I'm not like a professional or anything like that but I want to create a book.
It's called Dawn of Code.
The story is pretty intense so here it is:

Their was once a peaceful coding app called HS.
However once a powerful group that were criminals hacked the database and made it that the HS code is real but really dangerous. A create a clone block could mean endless massacres. From the shadows of these hacker their are Xierals. Xierals are a group of deadly hacked creatures that the hackers made. These Xierals come in real life sending coders away trapped in the app forever.
Even the THT is useless now against the Xierals and hackers.
All is doomed!

Pfffff no way!
The team of coders (will get a name later) must use their coding skills to defend themselves from the hackers and Xierals. They must code things into real life that make it into game changers to save the world!

Like I said pretty intense right?
Ok let's get this book for characters.

So this story was pretty cool. We got some chapters, but then it just died...
I'll be constantly updating so if you would hit that bookmark or put it to watching it would be appreciated :D

Here are the story so far


By Razor, crazygoat, Waffle_Draws, Holly_Aarmau, LotsaPizza, Hoppertoscotch, and AES2015

In memory of LotsaPizza
(She helped)

Chapter 1

Guild’s Point of View
It all started with some weird instances.
I was just on hopscotch, struggling with a project. I then looked out the window for some inspiration, and I was startled when I saw two people out the window, staring at me threateningly. Being home alone at that moment, I locked all the doors and windows and kept a good eye on them.
On hopscotch, I went on to Game Changers, just to take a peek. Looking back and forth from the unusual people and the menu, suddenly my own project appeared on Game Changers! I heard a scream, and when I turned to look at the people outside, they were outta sight.
After that, I gave a cheer.
“I GOT ON GAME CHANGERS!!! Yes!!! That project took so long!!!” I wanted to just dance, but I just sat down.
Who were those people? I wondered for a second.
Then Jordan texted me, asking if I wanted to come with him to the park now. I agreed and quickly texted my parents that I was going to the park with him.
I got up and started walking to the park, which was around a quarter mile away.
As Guild Walked, The Strangers Stalked.
The park was beautiful that day, and I took a look around. I then saw Jordan some yards away from me, looking for me. So I headed over to him. Whenever I went to the park with him, we could always go and get something to eat, because he had money. My parents kept my money and only gave it to me when we went shopping. He, knowing what I like, was holding my favorite flavor of ice cream in one hand and his in the other. I ran over to him.
Jordan was always a good friend.

As Guild Ate, The Hackers Wait.

Chapter 2

Skye’s Point Of View
I was lucky my parents were home.
I was on the forums talking about ways to improve hopscotch. My parents were pre-cooking dinner, for we had invited my family for dinner. I heard the door creak a little but didn't really care. I texted Guild about Hopscotch and said I was going to make a project. He told me that he got in Game Changers. I hope he's happy. After all we need a little break before High School. Guild is one year older than me and is going to be a Sophomore. I need to get ready for my first year. I went to go to dinner but then heard the door again. This time I checked the window to find two shadows that awfully looked human. Just then my eyes blackened and my vision came back after an instance. What happened? I thought. The shadows weren’t there. I went to have dinner with everyone, a bit creeped out.

More Stalkers Find Their Next Victim.
After dinner, I sat on my couch and went to see what project Guild made and see why it was on Game Changers. But I heard the front door open. I ran over there. The door was wide open. I heard footsteps, getting quieter, and then louder and louder! I turned around. There was a man. One I didn’t know. One that started at me with the most threatening stare ever. I looked at his hand, and a shiver went up my spine. He was holding a gun. I turned around to make a dash for it out the door, to only find another strange person, a girl. She had a gun, too. My heart pounded. Then I heard screams and hollers. It was my mom!
I turned once more, and mom was threatening the man with a kitchen knife. Taking this good chance, I gave a dash for it. My grandfather, down the hall, waved a motioned me for come. We hid in the closet, where everyone else was. My uncle, dad, and grandfather walked out of the door. A tear went down my eye in fear, as my cousin hugged me tight. Some woman I didn’t know how I was related to, also left. The lights were off, and the only source of light was a flashlight my other cousin had, it was really dim. We heard screams, all of them being remarks from my parents to make the people leave.
Afterwards, everyone was safe. I’m grateful my family was there. But now my cousins would rather not done to my house—I don’t blame them. Everyone went rushing home after wards.

Failure Will Come To The Strangers, But The Hackers Recover.

Chapter 3

Guild’s Point of View
First day in high school! Second year too! I hope I get to see Skye. I guess you could call her my “friend.’ I found her and told Jordan to go on ahead. I saw her crying for some reason. But the eyes told the truth. Okay yeah, I forgot to mention I can read people's “eyes”. I just know what they're saying for some reason. Skye nodded and I looked in horror. Her family got threatened and attacked by two men. Okay that is pretty freaky.
“Code red, code red, victims found near the High School building”
I led Skye to the school. This was a freaky day and those men reminded me of two stalkers I saw the day before Skye’s family got attacked. But okay, I ran over to Jordan seeing him do his stuff. The bell rang and I held Skye’s hand and ran. Okay maybe that was awkward but hey? Why not? We ran to her class and I escorted her quickly.

“Cya Skye,” I said quickly and ran to my class. I got in the nick of time.

“Welcome to 10th grade!” The science teacher shouted.

I hope I don't fail my life being in school.

“Victim G is at the first floor in the lunch tables, take him out”
After computer class I went to the lunch tables. Messing with the new Hopscotch iPhone app. I noticed something in the window. Suddenly the two things appeared as men and pulled a gun that looked like an emoji. It quickly shot the bullet and I blacked out.

Chapter 4 in progress

So thanks! Most credits to @Razor and the people who helped him!

Thanks for looking! This story is based mostly of violence and should not be looked by very young children.

Hope you like it! This is big history right here :D

Also if you want to help write I'll just post a chapter you can work on for you on topic. So yep this is a NO-DOC book. :D

Hope you enjoy!


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Sure! Just fill out this forum :D

Name in story:
Hacker or Hero:
What is ur character gender:
Character details (clothing, hair color, and such)


This is so cool! Can I be in it?
Name in story: Eve
Hero! :D
I pretty much look like my profile pic! I'm pretty nerdy, and try to be positive and kind as much as possible! :D


Well hey! Helios told me everything

She said I could help if I wanted too :D

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If you want to write it's fine but it's completely optional.


Hey @Helios! Wanna be friends? I love your story so far. Thanks for the tag! Can I be a charcter?


Well I'm not Helios because I don't think she is on right now..
But sure! Just fill out the application form

Name in story:
Hacker or Hero:
What is ur character gender:
Character details (clothing, hair color, and such)


Name in story: Lizzie (not my real name though)
Hacker or Hero: Hero!
What is your character gender: Female
Charcter details: Brown hair, green eyes, medium skin, medium height, blue and white striped long sleeved shirt, white capris, hiking boots, satchel (Not my real appearance)
Personality: Creative, funny,


I haven't read it yet but this book seems awesome!


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my old form

Gender: Female
Name: Sarah
Positive Traits: Confident, sarcastic, down to earth, logical.
Negative Traits: Brutally honest, can come off as cold, doesn't trust easily, STUBBORN
Skin tone: Not super pale, not tan (in between?)
Hair color: Dirty blonde (think peanut butter, but a little redder)
Eye color: Olive green
Clothing stuff: Usually wearing a plain white shirt, colorful flannel 2nd layer, jeans
Skills (in like coding and real life): Draws pretty well, not much coding knowledge but learns quickly, not a distance runner but can sprint well, strong (emotionally and physically), diplomatic, but if the need arises she (I?) will fite u ill rek u m8
Related to (optional): ehhh technically my brother is on HS but he never uses it so no

updated form c:

Gender: Female
Name: Sarah
Positive Traits: Confident, sarcastic, down to earth, logical.
Negative Traits: Brutally honest, can come off as cold, doesn't trust easily, STUBBORN
Skin tone: Not super pale, not tan (in between?)
Hair color: Pink :00
Eye color: Olive green
Clothing stuff: White shirt under a flannel I probably wore yesterday and jeans that I definitely wore yesterday (i like to call the look "lazy gay")
Skills (in like coding and real life):
* Draws pretty well
* Not much coding knowledge but learns quickly
* I actually got much better at distance running between these how about that
* Strong (emotionally and physically)
* Diplomatic, but if the need arises i will literally punch you in the face i literally have been in a fistfight since i last worked on this book wha t
Related to (optional): ehhh technically my brother is on HS but he never uses it so no

huh, seems not much has changed :stuck_out_tongue:


Name in story: Starr
Hacker or Hero: Heroine !
What is ur character gender: Female
Character details (clothing, hair color, and such)

Dark red hair , blue eyes , blue dress !