daughterofZqueenofhearts's drawing page! CLOSED



Dis is where I will post ma art! And ma sketches! And people can reply if they want! I like exclamation points! Also, I can take requests for drawings, although I doubt I'll get any. But hey! There is a teeny-weeny chance. That's good enough for me. (also, just in case someone does give me a request, I only do people. And I s.uck at drawing boys. I will still try, but just a warning:/ )
Also, the reason I chose help for the category is because forum wouldn't let me chose anything else.


Maybe you can post it on this topic!



Hi @d_rl1ng-ch_rm1ng!!

A good idea is to post this in the drawing topic!!


Hey! We like to keep all art related posts here:

If you'd like, you can edit your post by tapping the three dots, then the pencil icon, and use this for something else! :D

If not, I can close this. :D


Is it possible to change it? When I first posted the page, the forum said the only category I could put it in was help. :confused:


@d_rl1ng-ch_rm1ng, I can merge this topic, and move these posts to the drawing topic, if you'd like! :D


that would be great! could you do that pls?


Whoops, there was an error. :grimacing:

Should I just close, instead? :D


not sure what that means...


It means nobody but leaders and moderators can post in it anymore. :D


is that closing the page, or something else? Whatever it is, it's probably fine, I just wanna know.


that's will work! bbbbbbbbbbbb I have to type extra characters or else won't let me post



This was closed because there is a duplicate topic.