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I have a question…


And what does that have to do with Vader?


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Well, before you consider using it, let me explain the science of such a thing

First of all, lightsabers aren’t light. If this were the case, since light travels so far, it would be a giant laser pointer; not what we see they are. As well as this, they would simply just go right through most things, since light is massless.

This is already confirmed by the wiki, but the blade is actually made of plasma, the fourth form of matter. Think of it as this: you heat up a liquid to get a gas. Then, you heat the gas up a LOT; this gas would then become a plasma. I’m just going to ignore the fact that there is a “magical” crystal involved in these things since, based on the technology, this stone would be completely useless. The blade, given its shape, would probably be controlled by a magnetic field around the thing.

Since the blade we see in The Phantom Menace (yes, I looked there) melted the steel doors in the beginning, the blade would have to be as hot or hotter than steel’s melting point. So, doing the research, the blade would have to be at least 1370* C, or 2500* F. Now, the problem is, with that kind of heat energy, the thing would be (ironically) bright. Given the calculations, the UV rays emitted by this thing would be enough to melt your eyes. Is there any eyewear on most Jedi? No! Most of the Jedi should be blind buffoons swinging around a sword.

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It’s Star Wars it makes since in its own way.

No way i gotta go play battlefront 2. @pinkcupcake8 can u argue wif dis person


Good grief

This is Star Wars!! it’s a galaxy far far away!! It might even be in a different dimension, who knows
But it’s fiction just let us have fun!! Pls!!

And besides they’re Jedi they can be blind and swing a sword and still destroy you in one hit

And I actually already knew all the science behind them sooooo


Are you sure about that


Uhh, yeah, surprisingly I’m a Star Wars nerd too that likes to figure out the science but doesnt let that stop them from suspending disbelief and playing


Ok then


It is, in legends at least.


Team Star Wars Formers UNITE


Did anyone actually read the post

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I did. I read it 3 times. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepo


Yeah I read the whole thing too, twice


Pink remember when I was Vader’s apprentice?


OHh yes, and me and Glammy were gonna tackle you back to the light


Then I constructed a new lightsaber. Then this argument happened