Darren, my new coded OC! Please dare/ask Darren!



I made my first coded oc! I might improve his look eventually,

His name is Darren, and you can ask/dare him on this project!
Or dare/ask him here!
I would love @SmilingSnowflakes opinion on him because she is my inspiration for coding models and my oc.


Nice! Maybe he can have a conversation with my coded oc, Pom


He is in my profile pic BTW lol


Sure! Maybe you can put Pom on a remix of my project with Darren, and they can talk!


He is super awesome! :D
And amazing!


Thanks so much! You are one of my favorite Hopscotchers, and your models are amazing!


He is awesome! I dare him too....

Get a girly makeover! :wink:


I'm sorry to bother u guys but what's an OC? People are always like here's my OC, but I wonder what it really means.


@VanillaBlossom Own/Original Character


Thank you so much! :D
You are awesome. :D


:grimacing: Darren is not going to like this!


Done! Darren did not like this!
Thanks for the dare!


Sorry Darren..... (Not sorry, he looks awesome!)


I dare him to embarrass himself while riding on a unicorn. :sweat_smile:


I'll code that tomorrow !!


Ok. Boy do I want to see that in action. :laughing:


Gr. 4 more minutes until I can like! Anyways, thanks for doing my dare!


I did your dare here!
Sorry it didn't come out that good....


It's great! I made an OC too! Her name is Daisy


Maybe our OC's could meet?