Darling in the franxx?


How old do you think someone would have to be to watch the show?
I want to code Zerotwo or hiro, but i am not super sure if it will be appropriate for people younger than me and stuff.


guys please help


guys i finished most of zero two

But I’m not sure if I should continue it


Patience child


Mr.rex is right the force will be soon with you soon …
by force I mean patience


I just made a post saying I need help wth???


uhhhh you didnt have to make a topic about it
or tag the omtl

but i think you should be like 14+ to watch darling in the franxx
has some bad refrences and stuff but its not like full on innapropria te

Darling in the franxx fan club!

Plus, some people in Hopscotch are younger than 14 and all the topics can be seen by everyone, so that is kind of inappropriate, as you said.
Also, it isn’t regarding to Hopscotch.