Dank Tepic fo denk mem pepl (dank topic for dank meme people)


Dis es de tepic fo al de denk pepl!

Le me expwane

Ei meid dis tepic cus pepl git enoid wen denk pepl spek en deir tepic. Soe dis es e tepic fo us! De denks!

Efecial Denk mem teg lest!


Der's e hewpfel lenk!


Is this topic really necessary?

And is this related?


Yep, what @Bananadog said.


Lok et dis.

Dis es de eficial tepic fo de denks!


I wasn't really trying to say that we should just have one topic, I was just saying that every single dank account doesn't need to have a topic
Did that make any sense?
Basically all I'm saying is if you make a dank account you don't necessarily need a topic for it too
(and we already have a few established places for dank meme talk anyways)
I don't we need a whole new topic for it :stuck_out_tongue:


..... Okay... XL

But this is getting a little off-topic. They're gunna start getting people upset who can't read it, and it is a bit annoying. D:

I'm really, really sorry if I know the person who's using this one to talk, no offense to you, I'm really sorry, I'm just speaking from my opinion. If I know you out of the "dank" account then I'm not trying to hurt you, you are still awesome. :D


Dat's wy ei meid e tepic fo us denks, su weh wun't enoi yu gois!


I think this is ok!

As long as we try to talk about hopscotch related stuff while speaking dank meme :D
If you don't like dank meme you can just ignore and mute the topic!




Tanks @Gabe_N fo da twnswasin! :3



Demi me os wird I liek it


Eim e veari dank pursewn


Uhh k?

Wahrning: eye speek a weeird vahjhon of dank, a difrant dialect baysicly :wink:


Yu forgut koke
Houw coold u


I speak dis version uf denk.

It's ese tu understand :3


Ei spek dis verzin :3

Ei coll et "Rank-Dank meme" XD


Wel mein iz nut sew eeze tü undastahnd…