Dank Rd. (to gary school)


Click the link

get this link to 1000 clicks

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People need to get to gary school


I don't understand what this is for, can you please explain? :)


to get to gary school!!


But can't people just go to the topic? I don't think this is necessary...


Yah, but this topic makes me laugh! :D


It probs would make me laugh but I don't get it XD


It's like a portal to another topic.
Like an ad for a topic! XD
It's not really necessssry though... :3


if people dont know the link then this is here to save the day


Well if people can't find the original topic, then there's no guarantee they'll find this XD


No offense, but there isn't really a need for this topic.




Um, what exactly is this topic about exactly? I don't see much use.
Try not to put in unnecessary topics.


@Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman @Gilbert189 @Intellection74 @SmilingSnowflakes
What do you think?


It's a joke. Gary school is a real school. The road you follow to get there is Dank Rd. This topic is dank rd.


But still, a topic isn't really necessary


I saw Gary school


I know, but you asked what it was about, so I explained.


Thank you, @Nerd4Ever