Dancing Lollipop Q&A!



So a lot of people have been doing this so why not! Credit to @Bubblyoreo for starting the trend. You can ask me anything except stuff that is too personal! Now start asking!:laughing:


Do you like explosions and do you have A GF or BF, or do you have a crush onahooscotcher and, who will win? Penguins vs bears, and is thisenough q???


1.I like explosions
2.No I don't have a bf
3.No I'm just friends with them
5.What is that


Wash your hair with a toothbrush
Bellyflop on a pizza...


Wash my hair with a NEW toothbrush


Would you rather
Like a drawing... Or a game.... Or a 3D non?-game...


A game btw what is a non


3D things that aren't a game, for example 4D4U, it's 3D but not really a 'game', still awesome though


Oh that makes much more sense


Any more questions? :grimacing:


Would you rather.......
Be trapped in Chillanna and have to do whatever someone puts as a rule or else you will be stuffed in a running shower of cold ketchup.

Have to be the person who makes sure Hopscotch Characters do what they are told to do in rules, but they fight you so they don't have to do it, and you must be the person to right down EVERY. SINGLE. RULE. And you work for MagmaPOP.


Um ok this one is tricky
I'll choose number 1..... 2 sounds hard!!:grin:


Explode or sit in an electric chair


@Stampys_fans EXPLODE!!! Quick, Painless, and AWESOME!!!


Electric chair..... I'll just not plug it in! Or turn off all the electricity :wink:


Ran out of likes :disappointed:


@DancingLollipop enjoy learning how to backflip!!!
Oh, and enjoy that ketchup shower!!!


That would be my answer if there was an explosion 50m away so I coukd be fqmous WHILE I'm alive::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I'll enjoy the back flipping! But for the ketchup part no thanks! I'll do whatever they tell me to do:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If I was the coder, I would code:
When play button is tapped
Create a clone

When character is cloned, make the clone
Change x by 50


When play butoon is tapped
Set text to: this character does nothing and isn't awesome

What would you prefer...