Dancing Lollipop Feedback!



I want some feedback.

What should I work on? Anything I could do to make my trail art better? I'll also be posting some of my drafts over here that I'm not very certain about.
Heres the first one:

I'm not sure if I like it that much. What can I do to improve it?

silently tags @Kiwicute2016, @SmilingSnowflakes, and @RenegadeBird1 le masters at trail art

I need more votes and opinions xD



Spikes on both sides


That's actually a pretty good idea!


I think this looks awesome! I don't think you should change anything!


Thanks! I'm going to try @PercyJackson9's idea and I'm going to compare them here!




Ok here it is:

Time for le poll:


The one that has one side of spikes looks like his head is turning left, so I like it more!


How does this look?


It's not good. Honest. :smirk:


Meh you should look at the poll. Also I think the legs should I a little more details.



You're better than me. Maybe add a spike on top, a big one.


Lol before the all spikes had more votes and I'll try!


Thanks! But your a lot better at games xD


And shape art and drawing. (In my opinion.) Thanks!


Make a background for this.


I'm not sure if I like it with only half the spikes.... I'll keep it with all of them xD


I added some flowers and a background color that matches the hopscotch color! I'm not sure if I want to add more....:thinking:


Meh I'm going to publish now!

Le link https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xysg0t6cf


Maybe include shading?