Dancing Lollipop+AwesomeKitty Collab



This collab is Percy Jackson, if you want to join, just reply. Also, only one person.


Um I've gtg.... I'll be on later


Heyo! I was thinking, you wanna do the part where he fights the Minotaur? And then, we can do the part where he gets introduced into camp, little montage of all his quests, and then... Leo!


Ok I'll start on the starting screen. Do you think it should be like fading words that go "Percy Jackson" fade "Episode 1" fade "The Minotaur" fade into episode
Edit: Just saw you cant be on the forum:sob::sob::sob::sob:


Yay! I'm back! My mom let me get back on the forum! Anyway, that sounds like a good idea!


Omg yay your back! I haven't started because you never approved!


Ok so I finished the starting screen that we agreed on. Should I publish it?


I saw it! Good job! I had no time, so I just made a background...:sweat:


Okay, so...
I can't find the project. can you post the link?


I'm sorry I was really busy and totally forgot about the project! I never worked on it:cold_sweat: Potato is ashamed


Other potato is also ashamed because other potato completely forgot


Your not allowed to have private chats the forums are for everyone :wink:


No you can't @Liza even said so the forum everyone people are allowed here but if you don't want them just tell them that but change the title the forum is for everyone


I didn't flag...


@Fifithefunnyflower let them have their own discussions if they want to they gave you good points


Let them mind their own business


Just change the title to something like "DancingLollipop and Awesome Kitty Collab" and someone wants to join say it's just me and DancingLollipop


Kay. Well, thanks.


Says the person who just blurted into this conversation
Please don't be rude I'm only trying to help them stay in the community guidelines