#dailyloadofcuteness (will be coded)


You gotta see dis loada cuteness : http://cdnpix.com/show/imgs/4fb66cfee66ea66abcb00146589f25cd.jpg


That's pretty cool! :D

But all things on the forum need to be Hopscotch related. Maybe you could code a picture of that? :3


Ummm... Is this related to HS? :/

How could we relate it?


Great idea! I'll try to make a pixel art...:smile::smile:


Sensei coder has given me an idea...


I can't wait to see it! You should probably add in the topic description that you're doing to code it!


how does this relate to HS? please keep topics HS related!


This is a great way to make me learn pixel art, and I'm gonna somehow learn it!!!:blush:


P.s. Im gonna start roght now, well i might not do pixel art, but some form of coding it, so bye guys for now!


Silently tags @PixelMaster64
The link says pix in it 0:


@SnowyWolf is going to code the picture!



Maybe add that your gonna code it? :D


Sry, forgot to add that i was gonna code it. I have already started...


Here, I edited the title so people don't get confused! :slight_smile:


Every time I see you I'm like "oh no it's MobCraft" cuz of that profile pic XD


But da snail…
I don't leike snails.( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


Oh, then that's ok!


You say that everytiem wow


Soz XD

I mean I like you just not your profile pic XD


thank u so much, mobcraft! I forgot about that. it's funny how many people noticed this thing!