Daily reply limit - why we have this



people have been getting mad and sad because instead of a like limit, they get a reply limit, and I will tell you why.

it's because if they didn't have the daily reply limit, people would spam the forum with useless posts! no one would want that, right? and if we didn't have trust levels or the 20 characters rule, then more spam will be made.

So the following question is that: do you want spam to be on the forum? probably no.

I hope you understand.


ok then. eats pie, now pi awww, only 3 more bites of pi.


And just a small meme, but if I explained this in a mean way, I'd be like:



And a DELETE limit!!!!!!!!!!


I think we really shouldn't have a delete limit to be honest. What if someone is trying to delete something they accidentally posted?


Yeah, @Ihasfluffycupcakes, we should hold an uprising and rebellion, against @discourse


the prefix dis means not... rename it to course and remove the limits!


It doesn't say "limits" or maybe someone did edit it and I didn't notice it : P


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@t1_hopscotch, thanks for opening this again! :smile:


No problem this is a great post by @Ihasfluffycupcakes


why was this even flagged

did system eat sugar cookies