Daily like limit



Hi @Liza speaking of privileges and different trust levels, I am now a regular member :smiley: but I seem to have reached a daily like limit though I thought that had been extended :((

I was just wondering if it is possible to extend the daily like limit further for most trust levels at least.

I see hearts as a form of encouragement so I think maybe we should be able to give hearts freely to everyone (sharing the love :heart:) so they can be more encouraged.

I do realise though maybe I've been giving out too much encouragement that it starts to lose its meaning, so I will be mindful of that.

But I think it would be great if the daily like limit could be extended so we can keep encouraging people to post awesome content on the forum :smile:

Continuing the discussion from Correspondence to the app and trust levels:

The dreaded like limit

I agree, @t1_hopscotch! We shouldn't have a limit on likes since it's an encouragement to use the forum and ask questions (unless it's rambling on and on about cats). I got the same alert as you except I had to wait much less and my trust level is lower than yours (?).:no_mouth:


I agree! Though I haven't gotten this notice yet I think we should be able to like without a limit!


Yeah :slightly_smiling: maybe you had to wait less because you checked it after you had already waited a lot of time?

I like encouraging people and making them feel welcome and praising them for contributing to the conversation and being nice :smile:

(I would have hearted your post but since I have exceeded my limit, here: :heart:) :wink:


Thanks for the :heart:! I totally agree, @t1_hopscotch! We should be able to congratulate people. It's not an evil thing!


This isint like a minecraft server right???


I agree! I love liking projects so I reached my daily limit....


Yeah I agree @AwesomeGal1b :slightly_smiling: for now, I will do this

t1: :heart: (t1 would heart your post but she has reached her daily like limit)

@HoppingBanana I love liking projects too! Which is why I've reached my limit too.... :sweat_smile:


I have projects I want to :heart: But... Yeah I reached my limit.


Lol! I should do that in case too (or is it just your thing?)!
I just wish I could post more without waiting too!


Yeah sure you can do it! Why not :wink:


Thanks @t1_hopscotch! And another thanks for bringing this situation up!


That is a good suggestion I TOTALY agree


Today at the moment I have to wait exactly 19 minutes before I can like other people's posts.... :grimacing::joy:



The timeframe of a "day" which is how much I can like other people's posts seems to change. Just now it seemed I had an hour before I could heart posts again.

Today I waited when it said I had to wait 3 minutes, and when 3 minutes was up I pressed to heart someone's post and this came up....


I am a member and had to wait 22 hours and when it was over it let me like 4 posts and then said I had to wait three minutes!


If I don't use all my posts in one day does the website renew them even if I haven't reached my limit?


Good question @Gabe_N! I'm not really sure but I'm guessing that you have a set number of maximum posts/likes renewed each day even if you don't use up all of them. I'm not sure though.


Ok I think it's true


It said that I was at my like limit a hour ago and then a hour past that time I liked something and then I liked another thing and now I HAVE TO WAIT