Daily Icebreaker Chat Room

I’m slow. It takes me 2 minutes to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s Cube. I’m not a speedcuber at heart…


I know full CFOP, some COLL, some winter winter variation, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about lol


My PB is 54 seconds

Edit: Idk, I just do it normally. First layer and second etc


Good job, though, what methods do you use


i want to memorize cfop but i never have the time/motivation to

  • reading — I’m currently into
    • political affairs / social organisation
    • computer science topics (reading various ideas/papers brought up by Viewpoints Research Institute, Xerox PARC, etc.)
  • analysing music
  • playing musical instruments
    • piano
    • digital instrument (the 5x3 grid of notes in the game Sky: Children of the Light).
    • I recently got a kalimba but don’t have a tuning hammer for it, so haven’t played it much yet.
  • playing games
    • Forgotten Anne, replaying at the moment
  • cooking — I’ve been into pasta dishes recently

I do a TON of drawing and I code a lot!


I also play the piano. I also play mallet percussion such as Marimba, Xylophone, and Glockenspiel. I tired Guitar, but things didn’t work out too great. I play my electronic full size 88 key keyboard above all others.

I also got a Kalimba (model W-17T) not too long ago, but I don’t play it very often. Don’t know if I have a tuning hammer, though… (edit: I definitely have one)

Computer Science is my favorite (to an extent), next to Physics, Geometry, Algebra, and Earth Science.

What kind of music do you analyze, or would you rather not say?


Mmmm I do love myself some good music theory…


My hobbies are learning languages (currently learning Mandarin Chinese) and learning about math and the arts, not to mention game programming!


I’m following Music Hack Theory from time to time. They have great tutorials.


I love to dance, sing, write, read, and draw occasionally, not sure if reenacting scenes from books, musicals, or movies counts as a hobby but I like to do that too.


I am curious about video game music in particular at the moment, how it can reflect a dynamic experience. Right now I’m looking at the games Journey and Forgotton Anne:

  • in Journey, there are 5 solo instruments in an orchestral soundtrack, and they represent different ideas.

    • For example, the harp and viola represent the other player (you can be joined by up to one other player in a session). The harp and the viola change volume in the mix depending on how far away the other player is from you, while you’re playing
  • in Journey, exploring how the game’s main leitmotif / musical idea, and other motifs / musical ideas also change throughout to reflect your experience. (Which is common in other films and games, and in Forgotton Anne too — but Forgotton Anne has 4 themes for each of the main characters in the game)

  • another thing is in Journey, the key changes when you first reach a new area, and for each new area you reach. Then eventually circles back to the starting key, to reinforce the idea of rebirth in the game

And I just try and absorb anything I can from the music I listen to (often genres of electronic music). E.g. Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, and music from hobbyist producers

I have definitely seen Hack Music Theory recommended :+1: I watched one of the videos on creating polyrhythm bass lines — it was very informative. It was from them that I learnt about Dorian mode (and how it is often associated with a “silver-lining” feel)


Yeah, music in video games make a huge difference compared to game without music. I sometimes listen to them multiple times to understand how they set the mood of the game.

On my free-time, I try learning how to improve my own music. I’d like to one day write great video game soundtracks (OST aka Only Soundtrack)


Cool! I know 200+ algorithms, one might say i am a speedcuber! (PB is 7.22 secs)


@Icebreakers - We’re two-thirds of the way through 2022, what’s something you really want to accomplish before the year ends?


Solving Rubik’s cubes, reading, sewing, watching football, and baking

Kinda needs to be done before the end of this month, but starting a club at my school. I guess it’s also a year-end goal though because once I get the paperwork outta the way, I want to see meetings and events on a pretty regular basis which will require some growth


climbing, reading, solving rubik’s cubes


I don’t really have any lol

  1. {cannot say due to PI}
  2. Write a great soundtrack
  3. Meet up with my Best Friend (IRL) one last time for the year.