Daily and Monthly Holidays!



There are multiple holidays every day so i will be posting the funniest holidays on here! Here is Today!

March Month Holiday- Irish Heritage Month

Weird isnt it? Youll be surprised of all the OTHER holidays out there! Stay up to date to find out tomorrow weird Holiday!


March 15- dumbstruck day


I was invited so... cool topic. Maybe you could post the holidays in hopscotch too? That would be cool.


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Ps , it's your 100 :100: th day on the forum !!!


thanks for inviting me lad


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I ran out of time and had to go to chorus


I was informed! Thanks for telling me tho!


What Hopscotch month should March be? Trail month? Clones month? Emoji month?


March 16th-

Freedom of Information Day,

Incredible Kid Day

Everything You Do Is Right Day


Our school puts the weirdest golidays on our lunch menu like national food day or national cerial day


Class is starting


Go to https://www.theteacherscorner.net/calendars/march.php for more.


Today is
Children's Poetry Day
National Teenagers Day
National Single Parent's Day


Today is credit card reduction day, fragrance day, tea for two tuesday, and national agriculture day


Today is national handwriting day(U.S.A)!


let’s write how long our feet are while eating pies!
(found on @WarriorCatArtist’s site linked)