Da NZ/China Q&A!



Dis is inspired by da Aussie Q&A + da UK Q&A.
Here you can ask questions about New Zealand or China!:laughing:
I'm not a complete Know-It-All to both da countries even though I know a lot. So don't expect me to get stuff %250.152673628390937726625551678283993030398827 accurate!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So, burning questions, or myths anyone?:wink:



Hokay I'm gonna use da OMTL




Kiwis? How often do you see them?

Also I have relatives living in new zealand


Kiwibirds usually sleep 20 hours per day.
And they only come out at night
Kiwis are often seen in South Island.
I live in North Island
Kiwis lives in forests
I don't wanna sneak into da forest at night just to see a kiwi!
Coz I'm a bit scared of dark


I just see them on everything fromnew zealand


Now I feel sorry fir da magazine photographers
Sneaking into da forest at night just to take a pic of a kiwibird


They're so weird tho


Coz NZers are SO proud of dat bird. They feel proud of keeping da only specie of flightless bird of NZ still exist.


Soon there's going to be a kiwi pokemon


I hope so
Dat would be verree sweg​:sunglasses:



Also any more questions about britain?


Wai is Britain called "Great Britain", dat country is smol


@AmiiboTrash, there actually is a kiwi bird Pokemon: a dodou:


We're a tiny little country.

It's made up of 4 other places:
And northern ireland.

Ireland is just...Ireland


Oh okay

I see

And dotrio

Wait I think they're dodos instead


< sigh >


I don't know either.


Is kiwi seen as a racist term in NZ?
I have wondered that for a while.


We're not smol ;-;