Da bird is killing me



Ok, help me out here:
I have been doing Hopscotch, (as usual,) and then on April 29, 2016, Bird started showing up on my projects!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME. What am I doing wrong? Remixes to originals all have bird on the face!!! Help, please. I am (kinda) new and I NEED HELP. From "To kill a mockingbird" to "The mockingbird is killing me." Can anyone get da Bird away from me??? Or any tips?


The bird has been tormenting artists since art. There is no cure.


NO will it ever go away​:cry:


The bird appears if the project is stuck in the filter, or if you are using specific words that are blocked out. Try emailing THT at help@gethopscocth.com and ask them if they can fix it!


*The Mockingbird Is Killing Me." :D



I think it is stuck in the filter. Thank u so much!!! U deserve an apple. Here u go. :apple:




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Thank u. Here's a "I'm here" Apple. :apple:


I tried emailing them but it said that it wasn't an email. Help?


I spelled it wrong, sorry. It's help@gethopscotch.com


Here's a apple. :apple:


Dosnt work!! I got an email with fixes but none of them was the bird fix​:disappointed_relieved:


Wa shuts the automated message to let you know they got it! They should reply to you soon, if not, by tomorrow.


Ok thx. Here's yet another apple 4 u :apple:


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