Hi this is a topic where u can ask questions to me and stuff

Who has liked you the most? now (@Lisa1045 is in the lead!) (@Candycane is the queen of likes) KVJ is nice! TDWasHere

Why is the category in collabs?


What else can I put it in???


Help with code works I think :D


Help with code and bugs!

Regulars can put it at lounge


Ok done it, i think


I am not a Reg, how long till though?


You need to be here in 50 days first.

Ask a mod if you want to know the exact answer


Oh fifty days is ages!!!


I know!

Just continue to be here.
Read new topics


Yeah I will continue to wait as a member and ask questions, read topics and play hopscotch


You wanna join the hopsxotch olynpics? There are many good prizes including titles and bronze colored badges


Yes please!


Ok we just need one more person


Yay, only one more!!


What should I do to join? @Ella_13
I will try to get a title


Wait do u need I tittle???


No. One of the prizes is a title


Oh the one from BAS yeah that one is cool!


So basically I need to get one more person. I will Jen add ur name to a list. The captain are pickoff the teams right now. Once the teams are picked , u will be assigned an event. The events are sins and cos1, pixel art, trail art and coolest background . U then have to days to make ur project. You will then copy the link to ur project onto a topic which I will make. The judges and I will judge all of them. We will decide the winners for each event and then the overall winners. The overall winners win the prizes