:D it's gone! Now we are good


:smiley: okay, it's gone. Yay! Now we are good!


I don't think it got nominated.......I think it's just because a bunch of people liked it?

My feelings

Yes, I agree. It is not a bad project, nor does it send the wrong message. I just think it isn't necessarily feature-worthy. Maybe it could go in rising or something? I don't know, but I agree it wasn't exactly the most amazing project we'd want to see on featured.

Keep in mind that whoever made this is proud, and if they saw these comments it could hurt their feelings.



I didn't nominate it. I'm pretty sure I didn't.

But the message it sends is nice :smiley:


I know, I feel sort of bad about saying it, but I thought it was sort of important. Sorry, if I hurt your feelings...
(Also, I'm not saying I don't like the message, it's really sweet.)


No, you didn't hurt my feelings personally. We just need to keep in mind that they could see this.


Sometimes, a project doesn't have to be the best project ever, with the most code ever. Sometimes, they decide to feature projects that are creative, unique, or have a good message, and that project has a great message. While it may jot be the greatest project ever, in terms of coding, there is a really great message behind it, and it is expressing the message via coding. :slight_smile:


I think it got featured because it shows that it doesn't matter how people look like, they can still be your friend


THT have said before about why they feature projects. Reasons include:

Its amazingly coded
It looks great
Its something they want the rest of the community to see
Its useful for others.

I would say that project may come under the third one :wink:

Also omg @Gilbert189 hi


You can't delete, but you can either ask t1 to close it, or recycle the topic by having everyone delete their posts and editing the description.
Edit: like gobli, I don't think that you're a weirdo, either!


I don't think you're a racist weirdo

You can't delete a topic, just recycle it, unlist it or close it


I kinda agree with you. I believe if that project was meant to be on Featured, it should've been more detailed! Like you can add the sun and other stuff!

Not just plain white background.


It should've been more detailed if it deserved featured.


What project is this?


I agree Although it delivers a good message maybe rising would have been a good place to put it

Gilbert! Hi


What is gone?


I believe it was a project that went on featured.


What was wrong about the project?


Oh, it was just that it was not really up to featured standards.
In most peopleโ€™s opinions (mine included) at least.