Cyber b-ullying! Ughhh😒😒😒😒😒😒



Oh my gosh! Has any one seen this! If you see any other posts like this, post them here and we will all report them!


@SoBit it doesn't matter if it's true or not! You shouldn't say that to other people! :angry:


@SoBit excuse me that was very rude of you! You should never agree with a bully. I'm tired of all this bullyin junk! Stop making topics about it because we can not help you. -A annoyed VanillaOwl


Maybe...yes true... How Is that no 20 char?


I said why would you say that is true I was just hurt from the bulling:cold_sweat:


I was the one being bullied @SoBit was just sticking up for me cause we're friends


Sorry if this was unclear, but RubyWolf was being bullied, Dogturtle was a bully, and I just posted so others could see and report!


Yah So B it didn't write that! She didn't agree with the bully!


I didn't mean to say that but I was just very hurt :sob::sob::sob:


Ok so first of all, this is not bully ing, she is telling her opinion (you could tell when she said sorry and no offense), but I think the last part when she said "I draw better than you" that was rude.


Oh yeah that's true @a10


@a10 it doesn't matter if they said "I'm sorry" or "no offense" or not! They shouldn't have said that the other person draws weird!


True when you put it like that, but she wasn't saying "Oh your not good at coding, quit now!" She was just saying she doesn't draw so good but she was sorry, she wasn't trying to hurt her feelings

sorry if I seem like I'm being mean :grimacing:


@a10 yes but, it's just not nice to say "oh you draw weird sorry no offense but I draw better then you"

(And it's ok you don't sound mean :relaxed:)


The best way to deal with something that you think is bulllying, rude, or inappropriate is to report it. Unfortunately, if you post it in the forum it just gets more attention. Instead, please report the project in Hopscotch so that we can remove it.

Here's how: