CV’s Topic For New Forumers



Hello, everyone! If you know anyone that’s new, please tag them on this topic. I will help them until they receive the “Member” badge. While you’re new, please come here and I will help you!
Signed by,


The espresso machine has spoken:
This topic is disapproved.
You are yourself new


Lol. Your reasoning


Are you sure that’s a good reason?


You are newer lol…but we know you are an alt


I know for a fact that espresso is



I. Am. Not. Espresso. Machine.


No, I am not new. I am already a member.


I think this espresso guy is honestly a bot. Idk sorry no offense


Hi, @Espresso.Machine! What do you need help with? If you ever need me to help you later on, please tag me by using the @ symbol and my username. (@Cocoa_Viola)


The espresso machine has a query for @Cocoa_Viola:
How does one get member?


You have to be active for a few weeks to earn “Member”. I, here, only help Basics.


Why was that flagged?


No comment. That’s all.


@PTF7, I recommend you use this topic right now.


Great topic, @Cocoa_Viola

However, there are tons of other topics like this around the forum…
Is there anything that makes yours different???

If so, then that is great! :smile:


Awesome topic! I appreciate that you care about new users :ok_hand:

I think there should be a team of people doing this. They should all have different experience levels, from joining in 2015 to 2018. That’d be awesome!

Technically, we should all be doing this because we are here to help


Why do I have a feeling that you are expresso machine


I wish I had the name tho
No, espresso is being a little rude :frowning:


hmm, who is it then…