CV’s GT (Volume 1: The Rise of the Coconuts)





Do you like my new pfp??


Yes, I do! It’s perfect! :heart_eyes_cat:


@MewtwoCreator @FearlessPhoenix @Gobli09 @GweTV @Awesome_E please hurry! This contest is due tomorrow!


I don’t draw
Well I do but not for this kinda stuff


I accept trail art and pixel art, too.


Lol remember what I said last time?
I only do code and draw stuff for people who were kind to me


idk if I signed up for new PFP’s but here you go: @Cocoa_Viola

It’s cocoa and a viola

If this gets flagged somehow, I will lose even more trust in humanity


I didn’t tag you, mainly because I knew you would start up another period of drama.


She didn’t start drama. I think, anyway.


Well, that is what normally happens when I interact with CoM. There is usually tension rising… which in return causes drama.


Ok…wait I thought you only interacted with her once tho


It’s a actually been multiple times before. I guess you just had to be there!


@Cocoa_Viola will you join +2 to preserve HS?


Yes! I will!

The one condition is that I need to make sure everyone in +2 is a good influence on the Hopscotch Rangers, since I am the captain of that group. If even one person is a bad influence, I will not accept the invitation.


Lol nice one
Eh feel free to tag me ig, and plus you only got upset once because I didn’t code you smth


Umm… remember all those other times we’ve interacted? Drama, drama, drama, and don’t even get me started. Let’s face it: I didn’t tag you for a reason. End of argument.


Nah actually I don’t
And can you please stop with everything I say you think it starts a war please?


Yo, CV, be a bit nicer maybe? You sounds kinda accusatory and you’re probably not making CoM feel very good


Okay. I’ll see how this goes and see if we can make at least some peace. I will be unmuting you for this process.