CV’s GT (Volume 1: The Rise of the Coconuts)



I use an iPad and normally I use a canvas that’s 2500 x 2500 or something but I keep using different sizes lol




Well it doesn’t make that much sense because well, yah



Wait, do you mean

this emoticon



If so, it’s just Homer Simpson winking happily, which is how I feel.


Oh, I get it. I didn’t understand at first.


Well, I still mean what I said.


Yeah I know lol, just offering an explanation!




Why do you do D stuff
It legit makes no sense lol


Well, if I used ), it would blend in with his chin, so I don’t want that. I also often don’t what to do it the other way, so I use the next best thing: the D, which is an open mouth in =D. Otherwise, I will just change it to =(8^/) if I don’t feel happy enough.


That’s legit
=( plus ;^ plus D)
Oof lol


Uhhh… the ^ is supposed to be his nose… and the = is supposed to be his hair… and ( and ) are his forehead and chin…


Oh I see the picture better lol


@MewtwoCreator @TankT2016 @Paige1212 @GweTV @Gobli09

Anyone on?


I am,


Hi, TankT! How is your day?



Good , what about your day?


Really good! <><><><><><><><>


Sadly an hour late but yes