CV’s GT (Volume 1: The Rise of the Coconuts)




Any accessories or anything? Or a certain pose?


Maybe the pose I put you in in the group pic I made with Papa Louie Pals? No accessories, though.


Oki done
I did take some creative liberties but I can take them out if you want, sorry if you don’t like them!


Thank you very much! I will consider this.


Omg tonight is daylight savings night! We’re going to lose an hour of sleep… and spring forward in time!


It’s still the Same time
Lol that’s hilarious good one


Well, I live in the USA, and my state always converts to daylight savings time. I think it’s because you live somewhere else in the world.



There is only one flaw with that picture; that was actually the pose I put LuckyDuncan in. I won’t make you change it, but for now, please rely on these Papa Louie Pals flipdeck cards to tell who’s who.


Oki, sorry about that!


@TankT2016 @MewtwoCreator @FearlessPhoenix @GweTV

This is how I’m feeling right now:

P.S. I included you guys because you’re fun!




The last one
With the glasses


Oh dang, I should’ve seen that lol


You were the troll with the sunglasses.


What do you draw with
What device lol, and the width number on the art pad

I Drew this


I draw on the DragoPad Infinite, the art pad I normally use on Hopscotch (which was actually created by Flaming Fire Dragon). I use an iPad INSERT SOFTWARE HERE.


Sorry 'bout that lol
I see it now


It’s in the last panel of the comic.


Oh uh, okay
That makes… sense


Yep. =(;^D)