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I’ve Papa Louie Pals-ified us, along with ghost​:ghost::ghost: and LuckyDuncan​:four_leaf_clover:!

No need for the Kool & The Gang song, because it’s already in the group pic!


Oh, cool!


Exactly! I think maybe you should get Papa Louie Pals sometime! It’s available for free on the App Store. Once you get it, you can make pals, then put them into scenes (like this group pic I made)!


Awesome and cool! Thank you for including me :slight_smile:


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Happy Dr. Seuss’ birthday!


Hi, guys! Here’s a contest!

I am thinking about changing my PFP. I cannot decide what it should be, so I will let you do it! Go ahead and draw what you would like me to make into my PFP, then reply to this post with it!

I will choose my favorite and make it my PFP!

The deadline for this contest is March 17th (which is St. Patrick’s Day).

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So do you have to draw it
Just curious


Yes. If you don’t want to, I will accept trail art.


I could make you a pixel art one,


Good idea! That’s acceptable.


Oki what do you want it to be of?


Here’s a list of things I would like it to be:

  • Me
  • Keith Urban
  • A skeleton
  • A bear
  • A viola
  • Something Papa Louie-related
  • A Troll (Trolls)


Oki ima do you!


Then you may get started on it!


I don’t think it’s that good…


That looks nice! I will consider that one.




So, pixeldraw you like this?


Yes. That is what Iook like on Hopscotch.


When St. Patrick’s Day comes, remember this:

If you don’t wear green, then as the Irish say, you deserve a pinch for St. Patrick’s Day.