CV’s GT (Volume 1: The Rise of the Coconuts)



good bye


Oh, bye then…


Oh, hello, everyone! I realized that it’s probably wrong to try leaving for a solid month. Sorry to upset you, @CoderOfMagic, but it’s my choice.

In case you didn’t know, I actually have been known to leave for a solid month before, and sometimes longer. Take the case of when I was gone for nearly all of March 2018. The reason why is because I had been mainly active on Hopscotch. Then you can take the case of all of the summer months, since early May 2018 until almost the same date in September 2018. The reason why was because of all the drama. I actually have never used a school iPad, so I was technically, again, more active on Hopscotch throughout the summer of 2018.

Good thing I am back, right?
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Hi again! Welcome back!


… why do you keeep tagging me?

This is pointless isn’t it?




I know that you aren’t going to be happy if I tag @FearlessPhoenix, so I take it out on you instead.


Welcome back, it’s nice to see you I guess


why would you do that though


Right! =(8^D)


Well, I’d rather that I labeled that question as unanswerable, because no matter what, the answer is private.


Yeah,., see that’s the thing. I don’t want to be taged and I’d rather not mute you.
Don’t tag either of us.
Spamtag Petrichor or something idk, just don’t spamtag us


Oh, okay. Also would you like to see this? Just asking.


Yee. Welcome back!
The memes say hi


Yeah it’s your choice dude.
But you leave so many times and you never keep your word lol


Happy Valentines Day!


Be ready when I stuff your faces full of that Kool & The Gang song in the next post!

Love y’all!

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Happy Valentines Day to you too!


Thank you! Happy valentines day!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to you too and to everyone!