CV’s GT (Volume 1: The Rise of the Coconuts)



Yep, it’s the group photo, alright.


Anyone on? I’m bored.




Oh, hi. What to do now?


Do you have any ideas?


Nah. Don’t worry; I will think up something.


@Kayro @ChickenGirl @ilovechickens somebody please unlounge my Puppy Bowl topic! I have a coded Puppy Bowl-related project ready to share on it!


why tag me?


I could trust you. Also, idk why the first post in the topic got reflagged as off-topic. I just posted the link to a coded project on it! Also, I was saying it’s preposterous for a topic to be offtopic. Also, the way I was taught, preposterous means unbelievable.


Also, umm, hate to break it to you but, I have you on my muted list so your tags, replies, and stuff aren’t in my notifications.


it also means ridiculous sweetheart.


So go to the topic and see the project, please! Just tap on the link!


@ChickenGirl Please unlounge the topic, take screenshots of the project, and show them to Kayro!


That was a waste of my time. I clicked the link and what do ya know, it was boring and looked like you made it in like 5 seconds to prove your topic was code related.


Sorry, guys, but due to all this drama, I will be going on a hiatus. I probably might not return for a solid month. @MewtwoCreator @CoderOfMagic @TankT2016 @ChickenGirl @ilovechickens @Paige1212 @A_Metalhead @Gobli09


Have fun on your break.

Don’t tag me next time tho please


Well have fun I suppose?
Let’s see if you leave for a solid month lol


Sorry for what happened yesterday
I’m making Fea’s request rn
Background is?


That’s okay.

Fea’s requests? What BG? (lol sorry I’m tired and completely out of touch with life)

And we should prob go to my gt – I’ll tag you there


Great, cause I was worrying about going undercover lol

Fea asked for a request about a Oc

Feel you